_MG_5386Due to being well known for my callipygous posterior, of course I had to dedicate a post to one of the most valued assets known to man; the bodacious booty, the divine derriere, the gluteus maximus. Someone asked me, what is it about a woman’s ass men find so fascinating? Brief education: researchers agree and findings show that men are indeed attracted to the female derriere, but more so a certain waist to hip ratio. David M Buss, writer of The Evolution of Desire, explains men’s preference for a low waist-to-hip ratio as opposed to a high waist-to-hip ratio. However, if fat is to be strategically dispersed throughout the body, I’m sure men would favor breasts and bottom, possibly for some; the vulva. What many men may not realize (subconsciously), is healthy sized breasts and bottom may signify to them general good health and a healthy prospect for potential offspring. Not just any offspring, but vibrant healthy, survivalist offspring to ensure a continued lineage. Dispersment of fat to unfavorable areas may hinder a prospective contender. Although this theory is drawn from an evolutionary perspective, it has proven to serve as a thriving mating strategy.
bootiesOf course the female derriere also serves as visual stimulation in ass friendly attire and specific sexual positions. Females have long been aware of booty benefits. Yes, I am guilty of attracting more than enough attention. The power, oh the power! It is both a gift and a curse. Everyone looks at a nice ass. Men, women, even children tend to notice its unique ability to draw you in. For some it serves as place of rest, a pillow if you will. So it can be used for utilitarian purposes.
I’ll have to admit I am somewhat perturbed at the recent reports of women attempting to achieve what their genes lack. So called “booty shots” or “butt injections” are becoming increasingly popular. Women have been known to allow uncertified and unlicensed “specialists” to inject anything from industrial-grade silicon to Fix-a-Flat. Some women have lost the use of limbs, become extremely ill, and have even died due to complications. Is a new ass worth dying for? For some women, image is everything and if it’s what’s hot, she’s gotta have it.
So I say to all the women out there, natural beauty (booty) is embodied in different shapes, sizes, and skin tones. You determine your value, your worth, your beauty. Do not allow social media to have you think otherwise. So when you step out of the shower, face your back to the mirror, put on your sexy face, and as hip-hop artist 2CHAINZ says, “look back at it”.

-Noni Ayana

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  1. True, true, and true! First..yes Noni your butt is amazing! Having similar issues with the good and bad,” but (no pun intended) would not trade my derriere for the world…hubby would fall over and die, lol!

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