Caucasian Persuasion: The White Woman’s Plight

tumblr_static_blitheIf you know me, briefly met me, or have visited the “About Noni Ayana” page of this website, you see that I am indeed Black-African-American-Negro. LOL *sigh*. I notice Black women are often compared to White women. I don’t particularly care for the terms “black” or “white”, but it’s the American way. Mostly in America are these two groups classified by color and not by ethnicity (i.e. Mexican, Italian, African, Jamaican, etc.). These “colored” labels clearly show which two groups experience the most hostility among each other. blackwhiteI often hear very interesting myths specific to White women. White women are more submissive. White women raise their daughters to be wives as opposed to Black women raising their daughters to be a (unmarried) superwoman, further perpetuating the “strong black woman” stereotype. White women are better at oral sex. White women are less argumentative, and are taught in marriage to be quiet and to keep her opinion to herself. White women are freaks (sexually open), as opposed to Black women whom are considered hyper-sexual; there is a difference between the two. These are myths I’ve heard for years and wondered, are white women even aware these myths exist? So I decided to ask a group of white women! The group I asked seemed to be in shock as I revealed the list of myths of White women in the Black community. Of course Black women and White women are different! Both women come from very different cultures. Yeah, yeah, we have a Black president; most of the “for whites only” signs have been taken down, the NAACP for all practical purposes is holding on to its glory years by a thread. Black people can now pee in any public toilet, eat at any restaurant, be educated in most schools, and apply for any job without being thrown out, looked at with disgust, or called profanities. White%20women%20on%20Black%20menYet, the White woman continues to be held to such an esteemed standard. The before mentioned myths alone describes a quiet submissive sexually open wife that gives great head. What man doesn’t want that! What Black man doesn’t want that? Knowingly or unknowingly, White privilege continues to exist. Many sectors of society cater to Caucasians. I don’t think for one minute the White woman’s life is perfect. If you think about it, we all experience unspoken privileges; whether it is by class, gender, race, or ethnicity. Do White women concern themselves with what Black people think; do these myths result of jealousy or hate due to the increase of  Black men preferring White women, especially for marriage? black-man-white-woman-2Are Black women losing the attention or respect of the Black man due to her stereotypes and myths? Are Black women bitchy, loud, opinionated, argumentative, and don’t like giving oral sex? Notice, everything the White woman is perceived not to be.
-Noni Ayana

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7 thoughts

  1. Prejudice against people who look, act, speak or worship differently is built into us from prehistoric times when a stranger or unfamiliar featured person was there to steal food or women. We need to be aware of how this affects our judgement on a daily basis and refuse to allow it to influence our decisions.

  2. I’ve never of any of those myths about white women before, and anyone who expected that who met me or my friends who are white women would be in for a shock.

    I think it is a horrid thing that the NAACP has lost so much prestige. As someone else said recently, just because it’s no longer acceptable to be openly racist doesn’t mean that racism is gone, and I think groups like the NAACP still have a lot they could contribute to the struggle against it.

    • Jessica, one of the main reasons the NAACP has lost its prestige is because during the times the NAACP was most prevelant, it was clear what the fight, the struggle was for. Many may feel the fight, the struggle is over. You are correct, racism continues to thrive, its just not clearly stated on the sign of the bathroom door or the water fountain.

      • Like the power behind the throne, it’s things that aren’t clearly seen that are most dangerous, IMO.

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