The Worth of Sex

DISCLAIMER: This article gets pretty raw. So if you can’t stomach the terminology, I suggest you do not read any further. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

k-bigpicEven while writing this post I had to think about whom uses sexuality in exchange for monetary gain, goods, or services, and the answer includes many types of people; not only prostitutes, exotic dancers, pornographic actors, video vixens, politicians, and pro-athletes, but almost everybody. Teen girls sexually display (exploit) themselves on social media sites hoping for something in return; attention. Have you heard of a wife withholding? Is that not what she’s doing? She’s see’s her sex as valuable to her husband, therefore withholding any chance of intimacy. What about the single man who expects some type of sexual intimacy because he paid for the dinner date. That’s pretty common. I wonder what single “women” expect when she pays for the dinner date? I have also had a gentlemen tell me, sex within itself is an even exchange, dick for pussy. I said “not always”, especially when the pussy I give to you is better than the dick you give to me, HA! 112112_occupypicAnother gentleman said to me, “no woman should ever be broke, as long as she’s giving it up”. Really? I heard someone else say, “Man, women got it easy”. Inferring the only thing women have to do is have sex, and in return get anything they want. Yes, researching sexuality allows me to meet some very interesting people. I realize the society we live in is becoming more and more cynical and many girls and women believe the power of the pussy leads to financial gain. Women are pretty much being pimped; except women are pimping themselves. Anywho, how much does sex cost really? We’ve all heard of women using sex to get what they want, but lately this same behavior is increasing among men. Especially among young men that have nothing else to offer, but good dick. Just as good pussy, so can good dick allow access to an unlimited reserve of resources and fringe benefits. Hip-Hop artists repeatedly rap about the exchange of sex for exotic vacations, designer jewelry and apparel, and passenger rides in a luxury vehicle. Is it really about the sex, or is it about the power of manipulation, superiority, or stroking the ego (pun intended). When single, the idea of making someone wait makes sense to me…that’s only if you want to be taken seriously of course. This way a person can estimate your value through virgin eyes, so to speak. Sex clouds judgment. bigstock-A-pyramid-of-stacked-balls-eac-32003819You may have to ask yourself, is it worth the STI, the abortion, the loss of my marriage, my dignity, or the compromising of my faith. When sex is about to happen all forms of logic and contraception are forgotten. I truly believe when the penis first enters the vagina, all other areas of the brain are immediately put on pause until orgasm. Even in relationships, partners typically enter in with an unyielding catalogue of sexual expectations. What will ‘having sex/no sex’ cost you?

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