Sex and the Christian Woman

olivia%20pope%20pewIf we were truly honest with ourselves and each other, most of us would be looking like the hit TV series SCANDAL character, Olivia Pope in this picture. Sitting in the church pew worried. Although Christianity is faith-based, Christian women often worry about many things sexual. OMG (Oh my God) literally. Sexuality is everywhere, we can’t escape it. And the challenging part is it feels so good! How many actually waited until marriage to have sex? I highly respect any person whom has been successful in doing so. As for me, I failed miserably. Moving on…

I guess some do need the usual “fire and brimstone” Sunday sermon to keep you scared straight through the week. Certainly after a weekend of unlimited debauchery. Nothing is worse than what I call “fornicators remorse”.

It’s a shame though. Especially when men claim some of the most sexually open women are in the church. Now how’s that? You mean telling someone they may suffer eternal damnation is not enough? Wuuuuuutttttt. The issue is education or the lack thereof. Specifically the lack of education among Christian women. In many sub-sects of Christianity, women are somewhat under-valued. Although the bible speaks highly of male leadership, it does not mean Christian men should think lowly of women. This de-valuation of women has long-lasting psychological effects. Even in marriage Christian women struggle with “performing” certain sexual acts. Viewing these acts as unclean and unbecoming of a Christian woman. Is any sexual act too risqué in the realm of marriage?

Personally, I feel if church organizations can hire a minister, marriage and family counselor, an attorney, marketing team, accountant, or interior decorator; why not hire a sex therapist? Even better a sex therapist with an M.S. and/or specializes in faith oriented counseling.

imagesCADYSO0ESome single Christian women have to swat off the sex bug for so long till it becomes tiresome and easy to give in. As someone told me, “It’s more annoying than a fly at a barbeque”. Sex is not feeling worse and men are not becoming less aggressive. Prayer is good, but refraining is a lifestyle. It’s about consistently maintaining an environment and support system that encourages your commitment, and not discourages you from accomplishing your goal.

-Noni Ayana

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3 thoughts

  1. “Although the bible speaks highly of male leadership, it does not mean Christian men should think lowly of women.”

    I always think it’s kind of sad how the women leaders of the Bible get shoved aside and forgotten. Something of a chicken-and-egg problem I suspect. Ignoring the existence of the female prophets and war leaders of the Old Testament, and the Mary’s of the New, makes it easier to position men as the natural leaders of the church.

    I know it’s not really relevant to the main post, but just something that always irks me.

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