Happy business people laughing against white backgroundTo improve your chances of a successful sexual encounter, all people included should be consenting adults. You must also be in a space in which your sexual encounter does not compromise who you are or your role within society.

To be honest even some very active grown people should go on a sexual hiatus. By all means…. allow the genitalia to breathe.

Heterosexual men and women, decide before this sexual encounter if you want to become pregnant. If not, I suggest you protect yourself accordingly (i.e condom, oral contraceptives, etc.). Coitus interruptus (the pull out method) does not prove to be 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. ovulationSemen can flow from the vulva and inner and outer labia into the vaginal canal, making its way to the cervix, and continue to make the baby you didn’t plan. Now you got a baby daddy you don’t like, you’re just with him because his sex game is RIDICULOUS! You’re mad, he’s mad. Meanwhile he’s moved on to achieve yet another unsuccessful “coitus interruptus”.

140458070-c-thinkstockTurn the lights on! Yes, take inventory. Make sure there are no signs of infection, scarring, sores, bleeding, etc. Not to say you can spot an STD at first glance. There are many sexually transmitted infections/symptoms that cannot be visually detected. However, don’t get caught up missing the obvious.

Guy’s, because you put your finger in her vagina and felt that it was wet, does not always mean she is ready for you to insert your penis. black couple kissingFor all you know she could have; a) Just been with someone before being with you b) Is thinking of a prior sexual encounter and the thought turns her on, or c) She masturbated before, knowing you couldn’t make her cum.  She will definitely let you know when she is ready.

Yes, there are many ways to sexually position bodies to achieve maximum satisfaction. Feeling like the sex machine that you are, please take a moment to sense if your partner is really being pleased and is comfortable. Looking in the mirror to critique your facial expressions can be a turn off within itself.


There is nothing wrong with expressing whether a sexual position or sexual act is painful, uncomfortable, or even embarrassing. Communication is very important when discussing anything sexual.

timthumbLadies, shortly after penile/vaginal intercourse, please go pee! Urinating shortly after sex will reduce bacterial infection, but does NOT prevent pregnancy.

These are a few pointers on how to have sex. The “5 Facts about Sex: Sexual Pet Peeves about Men” video should also offer some helpful pointers. Of course there is so much more to ‘how to have sex’ than this post. Lets be honest, you’re only gonna read but so much.

                                                                              -Noni Ayana

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