I Call’em “Skrippahs”

imagesCA3422T2No matter how neighborhood organizations fight to keep adult entertainment out of their community, the concept of nude female body parts freely bouncing about in stiletto’s always seem to override the underwhelming majority of those that consider the idea repulsive, immoral, and demeaning to women. Most husbands of women shaking their heads in disgust are frequent flyers, often tipping the most, and want a little more than a table dance once he’s strategically progressed to the enclosed and very dimly lighted VIP booth. Your average successful exotic dancer is typically between the ages of 18 and 25. If she’s older than 25 and still got it, well she’s just damn lucky. After 30, it’s really time to move on honey. Ah yes, the smell of body spray and sweat. Hair weave down to her crack. Wearing so much make-up, it gives a new meaning to the saying “casket sharp”. Many women assume to be an exotic dancer you must have the perfect physique; the contrary. The “strip club” dons women of all shapes and sizes. The average patron appreciates variety, including ethnicity. For those of you that don’t know: exotic dancers pay a nightly fee to work, pay to park, tip the DJ, and tip the house-mother (similar to the bathroom attendant at the club with brushes, mints, etc), but not before paying the county/city a fee for a permit to dance. Yes, your city profit from women using their body’s to make money, sort of like a pimp.

imagesCAS8H1Q8The perception of the typical exotic dancer is she has been sexually compromised in some way, hyper-sexual, has low self-esteem, and is uneducated.  We would like to think that someone so against our moral standard would have to be highly dysfunctional. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s just not the case. Although there is a few that do fit the stereotype, just like any group there’s always the unfavorable few. After a few years of (as Lil Wayne says) “poppin that pussy for a real nigga”, many exotic dancers have gone on to the traditional standard way of living. There’s nothing more satisfying than the accepting embrace of a society that have to push their weight against the closet door to keep the demons from getting out.                                                                                                           

I know May is VAGINAL HEALTH month, but this post does relate to the vagina. Don’t you think?                                                                              -Noni Ayana


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