10 Random Interesting Findings about the Vagina

imagesCATF1HB2As mentioned before all posts for the month of May, will be about Vaginal Health. Here are some random yet interesting findings about the vagina.

1. The average vaginal canal is between 3 to 4 inches. Thank goodness it expands during sexual intercourse…….and child birth! Amazing!

2. The vagina has just as much erectile tissue as the penis.

3. Women experience either or both vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms. Vaginal orgasms are stimulated by way of penile intercourse versus a clitoral orgasm, which is by way of masturbation or clitoral stimulation.

“Compared to vaginally anorgasmic women, women who have experienced vaginal orgasm have greater satisfaction with their sex life, mental health, relationships with both partners and friends, and life in general”. – Journal of Sexual Medicine August Vol. 7, Issue 8, 2010

4. Just as the penis is diverse in shape and size, so does the labia (outer and inner lips), vaginal canal, and clitoral head vary in shape and size. All pussies don’t look the same. Just ask your man. Ha!

5. The hymen is a mucus membrane covering the external opening of the vaginal canal, designed to guard against bacterial infections. The hymen is what’s compromised when a female engages in sexual intercourse for the first time. However, intercourse is not the only way one can “break” the hymen.

6. Orgasm can influence how sperm travels in cervical fluid.

7. It is possible for the cervix to keep the sperm of more than one male; making it a “toss up” when determining the biological father. This is why it is possible to have an affair unprotected, yet still conceive a child with the long-term partner. FYI, some sperm can survive up to 5 days within cervical fluid.

8. The Indian manual of erotica Kama Sutra, refers to the vagina as “yoni”.

9. You should watch my video interviewing Marla Renee Stewart, Owner of Velvet Lips LLC. During the interview she introduces her vagina puppet! https://insidewithnoniayana.com/2013/01/10/marla-renee-stewart-owner-of-velvet-lips-llc-discusses-somatic-sexuality/ 

10. Although often described in hip-hop records, throughout my personal research (that doesn’t sound right), many men feel that doing anything more than (as a hip-hop artist says) “poke it like wet paint”,  is considered less than masculine. I’m referring to “eating pussy”. Many men will not put their face anywhere near a vagina, lol. Yet, will near intrusively poksmiley facee you in the face with their penis.

One thought

  1. I suspect the reason women who have vaginal orgasms are more satisfied has more to do with how society teaches us it’s the ‘right’ way to orgasm combined with how many man aren’t interested in anything but ‘poking it’ as you note in number 10.

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