CHURCH Folk and SEX, smh.

INSIDE w/Noni Ayana is about exploring human sexuality NOT exploring Noni Ayana’s human sexuality. I would not put my sexuality on public display. If you consider content of my site to be inappropriate or to not be in line with your moral, spiritual, or religious standard, I highly suggest you not return to view any content of my website. I don’t expect nor suggest you support ideas you do not believe. Anyone is free to express personal discontent toward my approach to sexuality. I cannot prohibit your right to an opinion. I do however; have the freedom of how to respond to your discontent. Many people in my inner circle are members of the church or consider themselves to be conservative. imagesCAOYU3BQTherefore, I expect backlash, I expect opposition, and I even expect discontinued friendships and family relationships. But please do not expect me to change who I am, my approach to sexuality, my path, my vision to fit your personal ideal. Although my content is researched based, I do not promote or support unhealthy sexual practices. My priority is to educate and empower. Of course I’m going to have a little fun with it, its human sexuality, lol.

What I find intriguing and my inspiration to be a sexologist, is the undeniable connection between spirituality and sexuality. Yet the light of spirituality has been overshadowed by double standards coupled with traditionalism of religion. I find it troubling that many Christians are afraid of sexuality. Many churches do not educate their members on sexuality. Meanwhile spouses are committing adultery. Christian women continue to have children out-of-wedlock. Christian couples are swinging with other Christian couples. imagesCA03L7I8Christian teenage girls are providing anal and oral sex, because the belief is if it’s not intercourse it’s not “sex”. Christian women are chasing the minister (who’s married). Christian single brothers are having sex with as many members as possible spreading STIs and other sexually related illnesses; also resulting in unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Christian girls are being sexually abused. Christian children have been and are being sexually molested by Christian adults, sometimes by persons in leadership. Christian single women are selling themselves for 4 star dinners and designer handbags or selling themselves short for men that treat them with ill regard. Christian teenage girls are displaying themselves throughout social media like never before. Viewing and sharing pornography, some actually recording themselves performing sexual acts. imagesCA3VNUFCAre these not the very acts Christianity teaches against? No human is without flaw. Yet because I am willing to discuss sexuality in the open, I will be the first to be ridiculed.

The challenge of educating members of the church about sexuality is bigger than INSIDE w/Noni Ayana. The difference between myself and others is I’m willing to find a resolution.

(As I drop the mic, and walk away)

-Noni Ayana

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6 thoughts

  1. Amen, real talk. I wll not agree with everything that you say or discuss on here BUT we need to be saying and discussing this topic because it is hampering the church both internally and in our mission to the world.

  2. Amen Noni! You did that sis. What better way to respond to criticism than a blog post. Those who are criticizing will read it anyway. Everything you mentioned in this post today is TRUE. Continue being who God has created you to be. I pray that you continue this mission to empower and educate not only youth but adults and people in the church. You my sister are chosen, therefore you will be tested and tried- especially against the main people who call themselves christians. The recent backlash you have received is a true sign that you are on the right path. It’s amazing that the same people that read the words in the bible continue to judge. Church folks are just that “church folks”. The church is a place for sinners to congregate. Praise and love for God is in our hearts. Your heart shows love for God.

    ****I am a believer in Christ and I approve this message.

  3. Wow! Well said sis. So many are eager to judge rather than see the reality, acknowledge and educate. Everyone has a truth, a purpose that burns inside many times being extinguished by those who refuse to discover and live in their own truth, therefore spending most of their time and energy judging others Kudos to you Noni Ayana for speaking your truth and allowing your fire to burn away the illusions and to transform. Love and blessings.

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