Sex Outside of Your Marriage (Part 1)

imagesCAHJO5O3This past weekend, I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter and her friend to the movies to see ‘Temptation’. I have to say I’m not the biggest Tyler Perry fan, however, my teenage daughter definitely is. What I do like about Tyler Perry is his appreciation and loyalty to African-American actors and actresses. Although many people complain his films perpetuate stereotypes of African-American culture, I have yet to see another filmmaker put so many blacks on the big screen. With that being said, I can’t help but notice the women in his movies are highly dysfunctional. If they’re not getting straight pimped slapped, they’re high on dope. If they’re not high on dope, they’re loud, disruptive, and ghetto. If not ghetto, they’re bougie, self-centered, and man-less. Did I just name 90% of the women in Atlanta? Has anyone noticed the strongest woman out of all Tyler Perry characters is Madea? And she’s a man!
I asked my daughter, why is Lance Gross’s character always crying, lol? I recall him crying for his wife on the show ‘House of Payne’ and now again (for his wife) in ‘Temptation’. I would try NOT to have too many problems with Lance. I would be staying “on top” of my wifely duties. Anywho, ‘Temptation’ is about a marriage counselor that indirectly shares her personal story of adultery and deception, to prevent her client from making the same mistake. However, in the end due to her affair, she ends up divorced and with HIV. I don’t necessarily want to be the devil’s advocate, but I want to know if there are any women out there that have cheated and were forgiven and the relationship actually improved. Was the divorce and HIV supposed to scare women out of cheating? Was HIV her punishment for adultery? I thought marriage vows meant for better or for worst. The marriage counselor described her marriage life as dead, thus her justification for straying. But I see her husband/Lance’s character, dumped that thang like a bad rash and went on his way. What do married people do when marriage becomes boring and you find yourself wanting different things? Single people want to know.

3 thoughts

  1. Its never a matter of being bored, or not being satisfied.. Its simply a matter of self control when that Natural lustful eye grabs ahold of you..Speaking honestly any married person who says they’re only attracted to their spouse is lying. Let not speak for anyone, but myself..I wish I could say Lusting (or should I say admiring a beautiful woman 😉 ) is left at the Altar after you exchange your VOWS, but that just not the case. I has nothing to do with Lack, of sex, or not being satisfied (I don’t care how bas you think you’re putting it them) I don’t know how many minister circles, Deacon dinners, ladys night out where the how fine a person is comes up.. I remember my grandmother saying this when I was around 10 or 11, and it only hit later when I was around 25..she said “She wish God could take the menus away from men” (why she only identify men?) What she meant was..when you go to a restaurant and order your food, your waiter takes you menu, they do this because our nature as huMANs are to look at what else we might like even after we’ve ordered. I honestly wished I’d asked her why she only identified men with that problem. Because I’ve known, come across, and when I was “YOUNGER” been involve with married women. Some of whom had great (as far as I could see), To be honest it was not always about being unhappy. The problem is everyone tried to act like they’re not looking, then when they’re alone they’re left lusting… I think its healthy for married couples to be honest with other, and not overreact when you’re informed of the truth that lies beneath…

  2. No one is saying, because No one wants to admit that their marriage life has gotten boring. Let me say as a single woman I have MANY a plan on keeping the spice right, but….I’m single sooooo I’m waiting for some married folks to answer! 🙂

    • I agree, I do feel many married couples (one spouse or the other) is afraid to admit unhappiness. As a single woman myself, if I were to use what I SEE as a measure for marriage……I would never consider the option. Thank goodness I’m not an aspiring marriage counselor, lol.

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