All by Myself

      I know there are many women that say, “I don’t need a man”. However, for many women, NOT needing a man could be further from the truth. As women, we may not necessarily need a man but most of us want one, lol (for those of us that date men). Nothing like ongoing companionship of a man who genuinely loves and care for you, and you know this because he shows this. So I write to ladies out there that may not speak their truth aloud. At wedding receptions she backs away from the crowd of single women as the bouquet is being tossed, she dates than dumps men at her leisure, yet she envy’s happy couples. When she crawls in her bed at night she wishes someone were there to crawl under, over, and between.  She longs for a hard chest to cry on, someone to fight and makeup with.

      Although you may be single and inconspicuously lonely (again this post is for women alone and lonely), you are not wrong or powerless for experiencing this emotion. Many have felt lonely at some time in life, even in marriage. Don’t allow your denial to effect dating decisions. Prolonging the company of a person your intuition has loudly advised against is a selfish act. Both you and that person could be preparing to meet someone who will actually bring joy into your life. If you have found someone who does not seem to follow the script you have so thoughtfully written according to your fantasized concept of the perfect partner, your focus may be misdirected.


      Read carefully… This is a time of self-reflection, self-improvement, and self-empowerment. Learn how to place yourself in the proper space and allow the universe to come to you. Pay attention to the signs and follow the path that has been provided for you.

-Noni Ayana 

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