Recession? No, Sexual Repression.

Ever wonder why in music and basic TV, the words shit, ass, or fuck are silenced, while anyone can be called a bitch, be damned, or sent to hell? It’s no coincidence that any term of a sexual nature or related to a part of the body considered sexual be censored. Only you sassy cable folks have the advantage of hearing fun words like pussy, cunt, dick, or titties. Why is the womans body so dirty that I can’t even hear the nick-names on regular TV? Is this society’s way of protecting the ideal of female virtue? Yet media continuously inundate the masses with ads that exhibit sexual imagery. For example, the double impact Liquid Plumber commercial, or the recent Go Daddy ads. Sex sells!

Men's Health Survey gathered data from 2010 Center for Disease Control Annual Report

We all must be very horny because its working or these marketing strategists are very aware sexuality runs deep within the human brain. The problem is we have yet to be properly sexually educated. As a result we, the Americas, experience limited insight. Using sex or sexuality as a tool (only) for immediate gratification, a masturbatory outlet, a device of persuasion.


This dichotomy of lack-luster sexual education and self-indulgence creates an environment of disregard for the divinity of sexuality. There is a consensus of disrespect which proves to be detrimental due to the increasing rates of sexually related crimes and unhealthy sexual practices.

Men's Health Survey gathered data from 2010 Center for Disease Control Annual Report

When will we learn we must respect the very phenomenon that continues are existence.

Side note: a young lady told me she’d rather be called a bitch than a cunt. I asked why? Cunt refers to female gentalia. That I have. I’m definitely not a dog 🙂          -Noni Ayana

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