Good “D”

Many single women claim/complain all good men are either married or gay. Maybe this type of thinking places too much focus on married or gay men; hence the universe will allow the laws of attraction to continue. In other words, if you continue to think all good men are married or gay then you will more likely be drawn / attracted to married or gay men.

Speaking of laws of attraction, an interesting theory came to me the other day. I was having a very interesting conversation with a male friend and he asked a very good question. Why do some single women continue to date men they know are NO good? I don’t refer to men as dogs. Most dogs have masters and I certainly don’t see man as my pet. I’ll leave that for the dominatrix. The term “bitch” is often used as a reference to women, so maybe in some cases woman is a pet. Interesting parallel when compared to the single woman that allows her lover to borrow the car (because he doesn’t have one), cook for him (because he has no food), give him money (because he has no job), allow him to move in (because he has nowhere else to stay), and so on; the pet. Although thisimagesCAY0S3CQ man seems to become more of a liability than an asset, there is one thing that seems to compensate where he lacks. His sex game is top tier. The best you ever had. You are reaching orgasmic levels you didn’t believe existed; the master. I’ve heard many single women say, “I need a REAL man”. I ask, “Do you even know what a REAL man is? Are women confusing manhood with a domineering sexual prowess? In many ways society has taught women to seek a man that is assertive, a leader, a visionary, a provider and protector. However, some women have only seen men display these traits in the bedroom. Why? Are you sympathetic to him not being able to possess these traits in the real world? Are you not attracting a REAL man because you are not a REAL woman? I’m just asking.

Are men petting women? Believing since man is already the provider, women are only responsible for keeping him happy?  Gooood girl, gooood girl.

For some people to be having so much sex in the bedroom there’s a lot of sleeping going on. WAKE UP!  -Noni Ayana

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