Playing the Game of Social Expectations

Women have been taught to play the game since day one. We are to appear as this genteel virtuous being. Without spot or blemish. In perfect condition, acceptable of society’s expectations and standards. We are taught to wear certain colors, sit with our legs crossed, never to be loud or opinionated, but compliant and submissive.

No man wants a woman that’s “been around”. This statement has been said in many mother-daughter conversations. Who defines womanhood? Our mothers? Religion? Men? Society? How do our young girls determine femininity? Women are viewed as whores if sexually free. However, men are prideful, and encourage each others promiscuity and infidelity. This is not about man bashing. This is to shine the light on double standards, on how some women have been taught to play games to get what they want. Capitalism only perpetuates this ideal. Women are ashamed of their own bodies, afraid to look at the very parts of their body that makes the woman.  Women deny themselves, commodifying sexuality and womanhood. Women feel as though they must hide their true selves to appear to be worth marriage. The single mother is damaged and has too much baggage. The divorcee is forever transitioning for acceptance.  Ladies, ask yourself, have I compromised myself? Am I self-aware? Maybe the game has become a matter of survival. #whatareyourthoughts? -Noni Ayana

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