Is self pleasure a sin?

I have had some very interesting conversations concerning masturbation. I have found that men seem to be encouraged to masturbate. However, I have been told of many storiesImage of women saying their mothers practically condemned the act. Describing masturbation as a sin. Many religious individuals may agree. I’ve even had a gentlemen go so far as to say masturbation is fornication. Wow. Really? Well, he explained, biblically speaking, sex/sexual pleasure is only to be experienced within the union of marriage, between husband and wife. Any sexual pleasure experienced outside of this union, meaning not with your spouse, is like cheating? The gentleman continued to explain, sex with yourself is adultery/fornication! Interesting concept, to think I may be subject to eternal damnation because, I touch…..myself? What are your thoughts? -Noni Ayana

2 thoughts

  1. Sin is a tricky subject because it all depends on a specific religions interpretation and dogma. Personally, I think the idea that mastubation is bad, in any sense, is all bunk. Historically it rests on three things: the Biblical story of Onan (which was taken out of context and not about masturbation at all – Onan let his seed spill b/c he wanted to keep his wife from getting pregnant), the Christian idea that anything pleasurable (especially pleasure of the body) is bad, unless it has some higher purpose (like children) and the crazy idea during the 1800s that masturbation drove people insane. Two of the three are based on false information (Onan and medical), the third is a matter of belief. Not a belief I think makes any sense, but there are people who say the same about my beliefs. So… if you believe that pleasure (be it sex, alcohol, or just enjoying a massage) is evil because it distracts you from God, then masturbation is probably a sin. I figure God gave us all that stuff to enjoy, not to turn up our noses atl

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